Indiana Rural Broadband Association is the voice of Indiana's rural broadband providers

Our members provide high-quality broadband, video, wireless, security, and information technology services across some of the more rural parts of Indiana. They work hard to upgrade and maintain state-of-the-art services, which are incredibly essential during a time when it is crucial to keep their customers connected.

INRBA companies play a significant role in the economy and the well-being of the communities they serve. These companies make millions of dollars in infrastructure investments annually and employ hundreds of Hoosiers.

Who Our Members Serve

INRBA members consist of 24 local cooperative and small commercial telecom companies serving thousands of customers who know that they are essential to offering economical and viable communication services in rural Indiana.

To get a more granular, interactive view, you can manipulate the map below to see exactly where these members operate.

Board of Directors

Joe McCarter    Chairman

Brent Gillum      Vice Chairman

Tony Clark        Secretary/Treasurer

Mike Burrow      Director

Tom Carroll       Director

John Greene     Director

Kevin McGuire  Director

Our Staff

Alan Terrell, President