Who We Serve

Indiana Rural BroadBand Association Serves Rural Telecommunication Companies

INRBA is committed to assisting Rural Broadband Telecommunication Companies throughout the state of Indiana. We are dedicated to helping them provide state-of-art services to the communities they serve.

Our Mission

We Advocate For Members

Our mission is to champion for our members and to help them to continue to provide services in areas where it is essential to have reliable and accessible telecommunications. 

Our Goals

We Use Our Expertise To Promote Rural Telecommunication Services

INRBA’s four main goals are to promote our member companies, lobby on their behalf, navigate state regulations, and educate the legislators and communities at large.

The economic impact of having operational infrastructures and maintaining the latest in broadband services is crucial to keeping communities financially fit.

“Increased access to digital tools will unlock future economic growth.” – U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Rural Broadband Companies’  Contributions to the Areas they Serve

Jobs Created
Broadband Customers
Million in Capital Investments