About Us

Who We Are

The Indiana Rural Broadband Association (INRBA) and its member companies are dedicated to the promotion of state-of-the-art telecommunications facilities and services throughout rural Indiana. The purpose of INRBA is to advocate for its member companies on federal and state issues.

Our Core Functions

One of INRBA’s core functions is to provide support with helping members to continue to grow their network and infrastructure. INRBA strives to be a valuable part of the economy and resources for rural areas.

To Educate

We educate government leaders as well as the public at large on the importance of modern telecommunications to rural communities and to ensure that voice, broadband, and video services comparable to those available in urban and suburban areas are available in the rural areas of Indiana at an affordable price.

INRBA is committed to educating the public, providing information to the public through outreach efforts and media to share what the rural broadband industry provides in Indiana.

To Empower

INRBA serves as a clearinghouse for industry information. We provide educational opportunities by sponsoring technical training, management seminars, and networking opportunities.

We provide opportunities to learn information and share insight on how broadband providers can better connect with their customers, what they should be aware of from the state and federal levels, and how they collectively can promote their efforts. We also are a resource for funding opportunities through grants and loans that will help our members with the cost of construction, improvements, and the acquisition of facilities and equipment that may be needed.